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reminder: 8.30 - 9-30 pm 28/3/1009 lights off pls..

actually it means off every electrical equipments & nt oni lights..

tis was de 1st tym i m join de earth hour although i heard it b4 last tym..

it will b wonderful if de every1 on earth off the lights..

imagine when u r on de moon looking 2 de direction of de earth!

er.. i think it's tym 2 go.. tata.. will b on9 bac after 9.30 pm =)

** 2day damn happy + high coz..

so juz blog 4 fun! XDDDDDDDDDD

lights off.bmp 




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u betrayed me!!!


blek! xxpp

haiz.. suan le..


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weee.... teacher didnt cum 4 pjpk.. RELIEF! i brought my phone 2 skul & i called pei chi 2 bring too =)

ponteng go b2 wif de gurls.. bt ltr tat my claz de girls also dame liao la.. i also brought a file which contains many nice songs.. den we sing lalala in b2.. den ltr me & agnes go up stairs, wanna c my claz gt teacher cum anot.. Wasai, en.ho thr scolding.. nearly saw me.. cze pei call me cum in from bac door bt i skad en.ho see me so i didint.. den quickly went bac B2.. ltr tat, my claz de girls also cum liao, cheh...

btw, took few pics.. xD

 Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 018.jpg

   pei yein ~ me ~ pei chi              same          see.. yein so happy.. 

 Picture 022.jpg Picture 023.jpg Picture 028.jpg 

cherish, bell, yew     wen yan + mag              gurls..

Picture 038.jpg Picture 040.jpg Picture 045.jpg

sze le sing song..        she shy liao.. xD        she sings bac again..

 Picture 044.jpg Picture 029.jpg Picture 036.jpg 

3 leng luis               yein playing pei chi's fon... pei chi playing her fon

Picture 027.jpg Picture 035.jpg Picture 039.jpg 

cherish + bell <3   pei chi's ~ mine ~ pei yein's    yein's leg on top!

After skul, me & pei chi stay bac till 3.30pm.. we practiced song 4 awhile.. den sooooooo boring.. so decided 2 take pics.. we found a nice place 2 'picha'.. - 4P5.. ( de door open so we went in).. btw, saw en.guna.. chit-chat awhile.. haha, he soooo gud! 

 pics' down thr..

Picture 019.jpg Picture 024.jpg Picture 016.jpg       

pei chi + me                    xD                            er.. me at door thr..

Picture 033.jpg Picture 025.jpg Picture 037.jpg

me again..            pei chi took tat pic..               zzz...

 Picture 026.jpg Picture 021.jpg Picture 017.jpg 

    swing.. weeeee....         frenship 4eva!!!          i wrote de..


Damn fun wei 2day! happy.. upload finish liao, ciao!

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er.. tat day told tat pei chi went my hse..

erm.. took a few pics oni..

so here they r..

Picture 041.jpg 

Picture 031.jpg 


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from using compter 4 tis week or mayb till nex week!!!

cuz erm.. pmr? or on9 too much?


juz hope i'm nt form3!!

will curi-curi on9 de when my mum's nt home..

i couldn't live without comp!!



see ya... er.. nex week? nex nex week? nt sure.. 

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tagged by leng lui kai yee!

001. Real Name: CARMEN!      lols..

002. Nickname(s): er.. dno wor..

003. Age: 15! (actually is
004. Horoscope:
005. Male or Female: Female la duhh..
006. Elementary: ?
007. Middle School: erm.. izit = high skul?? blurr..
008. High School: Catholic high

009. College School: - 
010. Hair colour: black
011. Long or Short: if hair den counted long gua.. if height arh..

012. Loud or Quiet: er.. dno wor.. ask my frenz..
013. Sweats or Jeans : both =)
014. Phone or Camera: new phone! xD *my phone spoid! ><

015. Health Freak: ?
016. Drink or Smoke: Drink.. ANTI SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!
017. Do you have a crush on someonE: every1 does lar..
018. Eat or Drink: eat & drink..

019. Piercings: ya.. ear..
020. Tattoos: mayb in future
021. Social or Anti-Social :
social =)

022. First piercing: 4got jor.. 11 gua..
023. First relationship : ...

024. First Best Friend: standard 2! Melody Wong Kai Xin

025. First Award: no wor..
026. First Kiss: of coz my mummy la!!

027. First Pet: chicks.. or fish? 4gotten! 

028. First Big Vacation: ?
029. First Love at first sight : =_=lll

030. First Big Birthday: standard 6!

049. Eating: any food i lyk

050. Drinking: same..

051. Excitement level :
very very very high sumtimes
052. I'm about to: siow liao..

053. Listening to:
nice songs, especially JAY CHOU's song!! i lov him!!
054. Plan for today: still dunno yet..

055. Waiting for:
056. Energy Level: 100
057. Thinking of someone:

058. Want kids?:
I guess so

059. Want to get married?:
yup =P
060. Careers in mind?: secret..

The perfect guy
068. Lips or Eyes : i think is eyes
069. Romantic or Funny?:

070. Shorter or Taller?: Taller
071. Protective or Caring?:
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: erm..

073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?:
no idea
074. Sensitive or Loud?:
dunno o.0
075. Hook-up or Relationship?:
not sure
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?:
dunno again

Have you ever
080. Lost glasses or contacts: no.. i dun wear glasses..

081. Ran away from home: no la.. me so guai xD (perasaning)

082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: No
083. Killed somebody:
wanna but no chance
084. Broken someone's heart
: think so.. sry..
085. Been arrested: nope. I never did bad things

087. Cried when someone died: so far no close relatives or frenz die since i was born

Do you belive in
089. Yourself: 50/50 la

090. Miracles: yes!

091. Love at first sight:
not really 
092. Heaven: i think so..

093. Santa Claus:
last tym i use 2 believe thr is santa.. bt nw NO!
094. Tooth Fairy: no
095. Kiss in the first date :

Answer honestly
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?:
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?: nt really

099. Do you believe in God?: sometimes 
100. Post as 100 truths and tag * people



*yew yew

*pei yein

*yee wei






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Erm.. introducing my cute brother ^^sumtimes la.. other tyms he's always naughty naughty xD..

tis pic of his was grabbed by me last yr if im nt mistaken.. tat tym he was 11 yrs old.. (daogei*)

suddenly felt lyk talking bout my bro, so mai...

I didnt realize he was bside me when i was doin tis post..

den he was lyk "ehem.. ehem.." xp

bt i didnt care him.. continue uploading.. haha..

ltr tat he angry liao: " stop larh carmen loh !!! y 1 upload my pic wor?! " - (in cantonese)..

u noe he shout damn loud lyk MAH CHIN YEE!

i yell bac at him la of cuz..

den he started telling my mum.. hu cares..

wakaka.. at last i managed 2 upload his pic! =)

actually he's quite daogei de sumtimes!! can b fren wif yew yew liao..haha..

thx bro 4 giving me happiness..xD

as my family always say: no him, no noise.. 100% true

btw, i dun agree sum of u say tat he leng zai!!! gt merh? @@  *nahh.. i noe wat u guys thinking, im nt jealousing arh.. dun luan luan think pls..

tata.. man man view him la

oh, 4got 2 write his name.. : Kai Ming ( Clement )


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  • Mar 20 Fri 2009 20:28
  • ILY







































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2day Pei Chi is cumin 2 my hse..

Very exited..

& finally had my piano exam over. .

fail gen jor..


still got 3 projects haven started..

dno hw 2 do tim..


watch an 'indian' movie wif my family at home recently..

call dno "?? millionaire"

at 1st i was doin other things in de living room de..

den watch a little bit la..

very niceeeeeeeee...

& very charm de indian ppl in indonesia..

juz wanna introduce la..

juz a short post..


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de sucking exam finished!!!

de last day of de exam i was lyk in de hell leh..

keep on ah-chuuuuuuuuuu-ing when exam..

gt big flu.. damn sick..

finally i cant tahan..

do finish liao still gt lyk half an hour..

lazy double-check my answer..

den take pass go walk walk..

*recess 1 find chin yee teman me go toilet..

bt she say she 1 go library study!! ( so hardworking merh?? )

omg, thr sooo cold..

she 1 me die meh..

luckily mae jin teman me go canteen..

lov my dear.. ( or nt i will b alone)

pei chi them always so fast go canteen de..

dun w8 me..

nahh, no lar.. sometyms dey will w8 de gua..

*tis tym i very guai lehx..

didnt copy answer.. xD (perasan-ing)

arghhhh.. sure fail my sc de!! wtf..

paper 2 damn hard..

dunno asking wat..

tembak also dno 1 2 write wat, my brain was empty..

ask sit bside me de giv me c answer..

bt too small + too far his paper..

+ i lupa bawa specs..

i should bring !! damn it..


mum says sc cant get 70 above den send me 2 tuition..

impossible lehx..

i think i pass also dunno can anot..

tis tym de exam SCIENCEEEEEEEEEEE & PM damn hard..

juz hope wont fail la..

after mon i will very very free..

coz my piano exam cumin on mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



sry 4 using cacated eng..

coz too use 2 liao..



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