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Hey Peoples!

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Gosh.. nearly gg. Just bought a new phone & kena rampas!!

     2day morning while me & pei chi playing each other's phone at dewan kuliah, a form 4 prefet walked by, we quickily hide our phones. Unfortunately, he saw our phone.. wtf! Argue 4 so damn long at dewan kuliah thr.. Chin yee, shu li, xiao yin them also helped us argue wif de prefect, bt tat ****** prefect so damn stupid dun giv us a chance, he wan us 2 go 2 de dicipline room.. I think ok 2 follow him go la, bt pei chi dun1 2 go cuz she skad her mum scold..  Die...

     Den at last he made us go 2 de dicipline room.  We pulled up our scoks, pin our hair lyk noob girl.. swt. While walking thr, i saw many frenz bt no chance hand in them our phones cuz de 'damn it' kept watching at us. Finally reach de dicipline room. Get scoled.. Saw a form 4 guy also get scolded by Teh cuz blue card too long, he looks lyk a fren of mine. Pei chi's hair kena Joyce scold too. Pheww.. luckily i pin up my hair & nth happen 2 her. After tat we went 2 call our parents..

              Mummy : hello.

                     me : Mummy, my phone kena rampas.

              Mummy : serve u rite la.

                     me : bt teacher say can take bac 2day. * i dun dare say a 'dicipline'

                          word *

              Mummy : which teacher?

                     me : err.. i dk call wat name -_-

              Mummy : ok la, when u nid 2 take? Call daddy take, im goin 2 ur scu


                     me : ltr, call daddy ltr go my claz..

              Mummy : okay. See i told u do not bring phone 2 scu.. bla bla bla...

                     me : okok, goin 2 out of $ jor.. bb

              Mummy : see, nw u wan us 2 take de phone 4 u. bla bla bla..


     Finally, i'm save from kena scolded. =D When we went bac 2 de dicipline room get pass, saw Teh still scolding tat guy.. walau, damn chiong hei la her. Den we went bac 2 our claz.. told my clazmates bout de phonet thingy. Very gek! cant take pictures wif new clazmates. Still nid copy so many notes! When pjk, went 2 3B2, kept looking outside c whether my father had came. De Dhanam go cakap banyak banyak. Damn fan.. Recess time, we walked around de scu, bt no mood eat jor.. 

     Lols. Finally. After tat, my father came, unfortunately, cant w8 4 pei chi's parents 2 go 2 dicipline room 2gether cuz they haven reach scu. Waited outside de dicipline room cuz cant find de dicipline teacher. Saw jia yong, i dk y he's here holing some papers, bt he told me he too many dicipline case so nid 2 jumpa ibu bapa wor.. Bluff me la.. At last went in 2 c de dicipline teacher.

                    me : so whr is my phone?

            Dicipline : wait! Please sign ur name here.

               Daddy : ok, so can we go nw?

            Dicipline : let me go take her phone 1st. if nex tym she kena rampas

                          again, we will keep it for half year

               Daddy : ok, i told her nt 2 bring bt she dun listen 2 me..

            Dicipline : Oh, ya meh?

                    me : ...

      I die lor.. Bcuz juz nw i told de dicipline teacher my parents let me bring 2 scu.. nw my father go & say tis.. >< Then, went 2 claz 2 take report card. Nw agnes turn 2 let Pn. Lim Sheh Ngor rampas phone bt she seems dun care mayb is bcuz her parents dun scold gua. Luckily Ms. Poon didnt tell my daddy bout de ponteng case. In fact, she still praise me say gt improvement tim.. =D

     Went canna eat wif daddy. Saw tat idiot prefect passed by. Gek sei ngo!!! My father still joke wan beat him up tim.. Think everything should b alright. Wat an unlucky day, tot i could take pictures wif my frenz bt... Haiz..


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Sometimes i can consider myself as SS" queen!

     Took 87 pictures!! *ps. not using burst mode.. Deleted 76 pictures!! Left 11 pictures!!      

This is because i'm so effin boring ytd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No shopping, no movie, but need to study the whole day + tuition!! wth.. 

So.. Well, here are all the pictures i took!!!

DSC03336.JPG DSC03343.JPG

DSC03342.JPG DSC03341.JPG

DSC03340.JPG DSC03339.JPG

DSC03353.JPG DSC03355.JPG

DSC03358.JPG DSC03361.JPG DSC03363.JPG

Perasan kan? xp


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i'm gonna burst now!!!!!!!!

wtf! i kindly advice u, u go scold like hell!

damn it! i can make u die if i wan 2

i juz nid 2 blog on wat u've said juz nw

den u straight away gg.com!!

u dun1 listen 2 me ur business!

 i'm not goin 2 advice u anymore!!

u say none of my business mah,

okay, fine! ><

u kena catch dun pull me down!

i wanna watch harry potter!!!!!!!!!

who wanna watch wif me?? o.0

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transformers2 Title.gif

Yea.. finally watch TRANSFORMERS 2 =)

it was soooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeee <3

i love the twins robot & de small robot i dk call wat name >< (*ps not the 'doctor')

btw, she's so hot.. & he's so yeng!



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2day i tot we're goin 2 kena by de diciplin teachers bt we didnt. Oni B2 kena, their form teacher sent their names 2 pn.joyce!so they nid 2 wash de pondok. oh lols.. i wonder wat ms.Poon is goin 2 do 2 us.. call our parents? send us 2 de dicipline teacher? cakap banyak-banyak when take report card day? gg lor.  i prefer kena dicipline teacher 1st lor.. dun nid so worry mah.. -_-

btw, i hate HKC! he damn sui de lo, till nw still haven distribute our BC exam papers! lols.. wan key in marks liao larh dude! i hate him! slow like a tortise!! 4 him la!

& de mini i-phone finally sold out! i helped joyi sell 2 dawei's bro.. keke.. happy happy xD

HAPPYBIRTHDAY to Chye Jia Xi! 2day is her birthday! hope her happy always

>< bodoh him didnt on9 4 so many days! make me these days whole day on9 bt he didnt appear! wtf!

& 2day SC tuition damn bored de lo.. sms-ed agnes bt she didnt reply.


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lols.. 2day was too bored!

SJ - Shan! copy copy copy.. -_-

BI - relief!

BM - Sally discussed ringkasan.. bored..

PJ - relief! happy =)

ponteng-ed 2 reading corner wif Peichi, Agnes, Sze le, Bellbell, Rachel, Czepei, Chieyi, Xinhua, Sueying, Yeewei, Yilin, Peiyein, Zuxing ect.

actually Yewyew did poneteng too bt i dk whr she went o.O

saw a bunch of guys looking at Peiyein i think..

tot we could ponteng till recess bt suddenly Cherish came & told us tat de relief teacher was marking attendance.. wtf!

we quickly went bac 2 3B2..

charm! de relief teacher was in de claz..

we ran in from de bac door while Czepei, Chieyi, Rachel them walk in from the front door..

Peijie & Xiangying were still at 3B1.. lols!

diediedie.. de relief teacher had dropped down our name & pass it 2 de dicipline teacher..

Peichi keep on callin her 'lou gu po' haha.. she is their new maths teacher..

haha, at least we've gt 17 peoples ponteng 2gether.. pheww~

7 from my claz while 10 from 3B2..

well, nth happen for de nex 4 periods.. haha.. i think we'll kena tmr..

hope Poon won't noe tis cuz u noe la, she guaranty will cakap banyak banyak when report card day @@

PM - Sharmini was so boring..

MT - the most boring teacher i ever had! i bet every1 in my claz agree wif me too

2 periods of SC - Poon.. de guys sitting opposite me were acting so childish! keep on throwing paper here & thr.. ><


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Picture 067.jpg

nth 2 blog about..

so tis is me..

hate me?

den f* off!!

dun judge me as a lansi person cuz i'm not in a gud mood rite now tat's y i'm being rude..


ps. i love my BFF MAHCHINYEE <3

HAPPYBELATEDBIRTHDAY!! i didn't wish her earlier in my blog as i was too busy wif my things!

nahh.. long tym didn't blog bout her since erm..

tat tym when i complained bout her loud voice? lols!

well tis tym i'm not gonna talk bad bout her, juz .. picha^^

Picture 058.jpg

BFF :)  080794 is the day she was born!

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i dk hw 2 settle my mini i-phone prob!!


i'm kinda worry bout yew & her bf"?


fri nite chatted wif pei chi in fon.. chatted bout de poison thingy, pei chi tot of it. she's damn gek, duhh..


i'm yelling 4 transformer yet i still haven watch it.. lols!


i wanna c my cousins.. they can bac from melbourn bt went melacca.. aduh.. miz them.. faster bac larh!!


i'm updating all these 4 agnes; da pig head ! Xp

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2day when i went home.. my family told me smtg.. the floor at the living room of my hse cracked!! As i walk over it, i felt that

i'm goin 2 fall down.. omgwtflol..scare me.. nahh.. actually bit oni la, bt nw we are banned 2 walk near de 'danger place' as long

as de floor is still under renovation.. lols!

btw, 2day was quite boring as i didnt bring my phone 2 skul & pei chi, xiao yin them didnt cum 2 skul..

&& i'm so happy!!! I'm getting RM50 from my dad becuz he said if i sold my phone out den he'll giv me 50$..

these are wat i wan:

personal laptop

 new Sony Ericsson phone


 8A's 4 PMR

& many more.. >.<

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Michael Learns to rock - That's why you go away

This is the song which i am so addicted to recently. I heard it before when i was in primary school i think. Some of you might listen to it b4. Nyehh.. it's an old song.. The MV is somehow wierd, so i kinda found this (just lyrics & songs).. So please enjoy!!



oh btw, i love this song too.. lols.. i only listen 2 his song after he died =_=".. I don't like this song's MV neither so i found lyrics =)


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damn tired arghh 2day.. so i think i'll juz write in point form.. waste time & effort =P

1. my mini i-phone has sold out!! yea..

2. agnes dun nid worry la, nth de lo..

3. agnes, i mmg angry u lehx. u go tell ppl my secrets!! ><

4. anyone wanna 'gap fen' 4 chin yee's buffday present? tell me asap orhx ^^ 

5. i finally get 2 noe her personality!! u think u A claz very geng arh?? agnes, not saying u arh.. dun perasan pls..xppp

6. 'yong sui' mmg leng zai damn leng zai arh.. at least leng zai den sze le de.. keke

7. i dun 1 sej tuition!!! pls.. mummy.. i hate studying!!

8. my 2 cousins finally bac from Melbourne, gotta c them soon.. i miss them..

9. 2day at skul keep on let ppl laugh at my hair.. cuz so wierd.. all the baby hair stand up =_=.. because of my retarded comb la!!

10. damn sleepy now.. tata.. go slp 1st


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Tat day went bukit bintang walk walk with family. saw a 'dk hw 2 say' very funny! enjoy the picture xD


Picture 081.jpg

Picture 083.jpg

funny rite?


&& here are some pictures of tat day when me & chin yee went 2 pei chi's hse 2 bake cake 4 xiao yin..

Picture 082.jpg


Picture 080.jpg

1st batch ><

Picture 084.jpg

2nd batch XD

Picture 078.jpg

chin yee

Picture 079.jpg

pei chi

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wat should i buy 4 shu li & chin yee?

1 is 0307 while another is 0807..






&& buy both the same or wat?

btw, any1 wanna 'gap fen' wif me, pei chi & xiao yin?

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