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know why am i so hyper?

bye bye exam <3

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  • Jun 24 Thu 2010 21:31
  • S/A?


was confusing whether I should change stream or not.. and.. omgwtf! I failed my physic, chemistry, biology and add maths! T.T.. and I kind of lied to my mom, i raised my marks in front of her.. LOL! that’s the reason I wanna change stream.. I’m afraid that I might fail in my spm too.. however, I don’t wanna leave my friends.. =( that day , i listed the benifits and disadvantages of science stream and art stream on a paper and i found out that staying in science has more advantage! @@ anyway, still considering, not sure if I’m going to change stream..

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DSC04503.JPG DSC04505.JPG

ohh goshhhh!! ^^

purata: 59.73

kedudukan: 38/48

sei lorhh.. dk hw 2 tell my mum..@@

haha.. luckily still better than my brother.. xPP



btw, who wanna watch Clash of the titans wit me? laijing; i serious one!!!

two people spoiled my mood today.. and i'm not going to talk to them unless they tell me the truth! ><


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hahaha.. all subjects hard dao...

ADD MATHS! u nearly made me suicide!

i only know how to do question1..

haha, kinda proud tat i actually can answer tat question cuz i tot i was goin to get 0 marks..

but im not going to think bout it from now on!

imma gonna enjoy my lovely holiday!

genting! wait me ^^

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Countdown 7 more days aka 1 week to exam!


i'm so relax now!!

the very first time i didn't blog bout i hate exam =)

not because i did my study already!

it's because i planned to fail my Physic Chemistry Biology Sejarah & Add Maths!

Cuz i hate them and my ambition is nothing to do with these subjects!

i wanna be a designer!! =DD

aim *pass at least 4 subjects in exam*

this is the 1st time that i still on9 for such a long time though i'm having exam in the coming week.

haha, currently enjoying my honeymoon year ^^

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seriously, exam sucks!

anyway, this year will be my honeymoon year..

nahh.. just ignore the teachers blahs:"this year is not your honeymoon year!"

who cares?! imma gonna take my sweet sweet time..

enjoy my chinese new year..


haha.. don't care bout school exams..

fail mai fail lo.. it doesn't matter..

as long as i pass my SPM i am very happy with it!

i wanna be a designer! and im stuck in S class.. T.T

too bad la.. haha

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back from hk jor..

nex post goin 2 update bout hk..

took result 2day..

i was quite happy bt nt my mum..

omgosh.. wanna congrats to all who get straight A s!!!


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I'm BacK !


This week's exams is finally over!! Big smile XD

Get some time 2 update my dead blog & ON9 ~ xoxo

Miss my msn <3

Well, i'm here 2 blog about the trail exam...


Had both BM papers.. omg, de novel part i am so abnormal with other frens.. they wrote 4 persoalan & i wrote 2 oni T.T.. due to 2 reasons.. 1st ~ I dno wat is the question asking about so i simply write. 2nd ~ nt enough time..


GG.com.. My Maths2 55555... I didnt finish all the questions.. T.T *nt enough TIME again >< 1st time leh.. Get A no hope jor..  English still okay.. managed 2 answer de literature question.. pheww~~


Bc!!! Paper 2 de last section, didnt hav enough time AGAIN... so the last few pharagraphs i finished it in 5 mins & it's time 2 pass up.. Can u imagine hw worst i wrote until?? Btw,i hate HKC!!! He behsong me & always 'zhen dui' me ><. I didnt even open my mouth bt he say me keep on talking around.. wtf!


Both Geography & Science papers are nt as hard as i think.. GE okok.. SC paper 1.. bit hard bt it was fine.. tembak at the middle part (form3 chap6 de) i nid sum1 2 explain 2 me de whole chapter cuz i noe nothing! SC paper 2.. hmm.. much more easier than last term =DDD


* i analysed de problem & i found out that all my problem is de TIME prob.. =_="

btw, to PC ~ guess wat colour i choose 4 my bracel? haha.. tips: the colour i use 2 blog this post..

Tata.. gotta continue wif my studies.. See ya nex week!

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1 more day = holiday

After holiday = trail exam

After trail exam = PMR!!!

gg.com!! I havent study!! I dk exam is around the corner until yesterday! OMG..

Who can kindly teach me Maths last few chapters??

Please.. @@

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finally get my exam finished!!!

i am soooooooooooooooo happy tat i dun nid 2 study till midnight anymore..haha..

2day get few papers bac..

omg, my sejarah was the 3rd lowest in claz.. T.T

i got 57!!! ><

others subject all still ok.

tmr i am goin 2 get more exam papers bac..

i am sooooooooooo worry bout my chinese exam marks..

cuz tat day En.Ho stare at me & ask:" Did u study 4 ur bc exam?" den he walked away..

omg, i hope nth bad happen..

juz pray 4 it..

btw, i hate those lansi ppl.. so pls dun lansi in front of me if u get gud marks..

&& i'm not saying those in my claz 1. so dun b perasan if u read my post.

i'm juz saying a person who i hate soooooooooooooooo much..

i hav no idea wat 2 write le.. so i'll juz end here. tata

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Can anyone tell me what 2 study?!

BM, BI, GE, SC nid 2 study what???




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exam is cumin in 2 weeks time..

well, i think less den 2 weeks..

& i still confusing which subject should i study 1st?

bodoh rite?


i hate exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

& PMR too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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de sucking exam finished!!!

de last day of de exam i was lyk in de hell leh..

keep on ah-chuuuuuuuuuu-ing when exam..

gt big flu.. damn sick..

finally i cant tahan..

do finish liao still gt lyk half an hour..

lazy double-check my answer..

den take pass go walk walk..

*recess 1 find chin yee teman me go toilet..

bt she say she 1 go library study!! ( so hardworking merh?? )

omg, thr sooo cold..

she 1 me die meh..

luckily mae jin teman me go canteen..

lov my dear.. ( or nt i will b alone)

pei chi them always so fast go canteen de..

dun w8 me..

nahh, no lar.. sometyms dey will w8 de gua..

*tis tym i very guai lehx..

didnt copy answer.. xD (perasan-ing)

arghhhh.. sure fail my sc de!! wtf..

paper 2 damn hard..

dunno asking wat..

tembak also dno 1 2 write wat, my brain was empty..

ask sit bside me de giv me c answer..

bt too small + too far his paper..

+ i lupa bawa specs..

i should bring !! damn it..


mum says sc cant get 70 above den send me 2 tuition..

impossible lehx..

i think i pass also dunno can anot..

tis tym de exam SCIENCEEEEEEEEEEE & PM damn hard..

juz hope wont fail la..

after mon i will very very free..

coz my piano exam cumin on mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



sry 4 using cacated eng..

coz too use 2 liao..



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  • Feb 28 Sat 2009 10:00
  • exam

still gt 10 days .. den de f*cking exam cum ler.. + me still gt piano exam rite after my skul exam.. omg..

i noe i sure fail in exam de.. especially de sc.. my science suck lyk hell.. byek bu suang de sc teacher.. everytym use sc period 2 scold us.. waste our tym..

if tis tym i sc cant get at least 70 marks.. my mum is goin 2 send me 2 tuition.. siow merh?? 70 marks wor.. copy answer also cant get lar.. 

tis month damn bz..

1st is 2 exam 2gether..

2nd is my tuition teacher gimme damn many hw.. lyk mountain .. wtf!!

3rd is de 38 competition.. y muz paksa me participate???

haiz.. mum scolding again.. gtg.. ciao..

i dun care, after pmr.. whole yr form4 i wont study!!!

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