last fri was sports day.. went thr.. nth 2 do.. so quite boring la.. + damn hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!! den saw chin yee, agnes, xin hua, sue ying, yee wei, eunice, rui ling, gwyneth, rou chen ect..

at 1st we found a nice place 2 watch marching.. bt den very hot.. hui wen marching pandu puteri damn funny.. rachel's QM marching too =) haha.. den purple.. i hav no idea wat they r acting.. den yellow was dno wat sakai la.. xpxp.. den red.. tis 1 damn funny.. every1 hu march gt a long red nose.. haha.. juz lyk 'pinokier' aiyo.. dk hw 2 spell la.. den green is durian i think.. gt a big durian walk here & thr.. sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee.. bt my frens dun agree wor.. T.T lastly is blueeeeeeeeeee.. my rumah.. yeah 4 blue.. it was a fox.. so yeng man..

bac 2 sport centre.. eunice got her present.. rui ling too xD.. den cpc also wanna giv eunice present bt dun dare.. lols! haha.. den sum1 say very 'xian mu' them break liao also b frenz.. bt de stupid agnes dno say wat nt gud la.. sot sot dei.. at sport centre thr i saw a very 'qiao' girl.. wear de contact lens make until her eyes damn big.. & damn fake.. told agnes & she agree wif me too o.0

then.. we went 2 buy food.. i buy popcorns + vitagen.. den use de coupon which chin yee gave me 2 take food lyk: french fries, nuget & orange juice.. den we went choir room de stairs thr.. bt so many ppl walk here walk thr so we went bac 2 sport center.. i left de french fries thr.. xP *heard tat chin yee get scolded by teacher infront of many ppl cuz go take de food without coupon cuz her coupon is wif me & she cant find me tat tym.. paiseh arh..

after tat.. went 2 at de bac of sport centre thr chat wif agnes, chin yee, xin hua, yee wei, sue ying =) we chat de 'yuu' *means paiseh* things of ourselves.. xin hua 1 is de most funniest + scaryyyyy.. bt unfortunately.. yee wei cant think any of her 'yuuu' thing.. well .. nvm.. wait! y chin yee didnt told us de 'yuu' thing tat happen juz nw de? hahaden saw bout 10 form 1 de boys play.. their shuffer was sooooooo damnnnnnnnnn funnyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! den they go & peek at de toilet thr.. we tot was girls toilet.. den agnes & chin yee also go 8.. bt they saw is boys toilet.. lol.. de boys damn gay lehx..

finally.. de sport day ends.. yeah.. i dk weather purple or yellow win bt i noe blue loseeeeeeeeee.. omg.. every year also lidat.. they say is since our form join blue, den jiu start losing every year jor.. lll yameh? after skul.. went 7/11.. agnes belanja me a pac of daogei sweets.. she say so daogei punya.. i was lyk.. bt i long tym no eat liao ma.. anyway, thx =)


gtg.. tata..

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