Gosh.. nearly gg. Just bought a new phone & kena rampas!!

     2day morning while me & pei chi playing each other's phone at dewan kuliah, a form 4 prefet walked by, we quickily hide our phones. Unfortunately, he saw our phone.. wtf! Argue 4 so damn long at dewan kuliah thr.. Chin yee, shu li, xiao yin them also helped us argue wif de prefect, bt tat ****** prefect so damn stupid dun giv us a chance, he wan us 2 go 2 de dicipline room.. I think ok 2 follow him go la, bt pei chi dun1 2 go cuz she skad her mum scold..  Die...

     Den at last he made us go 2 de dicipline room.  We pulled up our scoks, pin our hair lyk noob girl.. swt. While walking thr, i saw many frenz bt no chance hand in them our phones cuz de 'damn it' kept watching at us. Finally reach de dicipline room. Get scoled.. Saw a form 4 guy also get scolded by Teh cuz blue card too long, he looks lyk a fren of mine. Pei chi's hair kena Joyce scold too. Pheww.. luckily i pin up my hair & nth happen 2 her. After tat we went 2 call our parents..

              Mummy : hello.

                     me : Mummy, my phone kena rampas.

              Mummy : serve u rite la.

                     me : bt teacher say can take bac 2day. * i dun dare say a 'dicipline'

                          word *

              Mummy : which teacher?

                     me : err.. i dk call wat name -_-

              Mummy : ok la, when u nid 2 take? Call daddy take, im goin 2 ur scu


                     me : ltr, call daddy ltr go my claz..

              Mummy : okay. See i told u do not bring phone 2 scu.. bla bla bla...

                     me : okok, goin 2 out of $ jor.. bb

              Mummy : see, nw u wan us 2 take de phone 4 u. bla bla bla..


     Finally, i'm save from kena scolded. =D When we went bac 2 de dicipline room get pass, saw Teh still scolding tat guy.. walau, damn chiong hei la her. Den we went bac 2 our claz.. told my clazmates bout de phonet thingy. Very gek! cant take pictures wif new clazmates. Still nid copy so many notes! When pjk, went 2 3B2, kept looking outside c whether my father had came. De Dhanam go cakap banyak banyak. Damn fan.. Recess time, we walked around de scu, bt no mood eat jor.. 

     Lols. Finally. After tat, my father came, unfortunately, cant w8 4 pei chi's parents 2 go 2 dicipline room 2gether cuz they haven reach scu. Waited outside de dicipline room cuz cant find de dicipline teacher. Saw jia yong, i dk y he's here holing some papers, bt he told me he too many dicipline case so nid 2 jumpa ibu bapa wor.. Bluff me la.. At last went in 2 c de dicipline teacher.

                    me : so whr is my phone?

            Dicipline : wait! Please sign ur name here.

               Daddy : ok, so can we go nw?

            Dicipline : let me go take her phone 1st. if nex tym she kena rampas

                          again, we will keep it for half year

               Daddy : ok, i told her nt 2 bring bt she dun listen 2 me..

            Dicipline : Oh, ya meh?

                    me : ...

      I die lor.. Bcuz juz nw i told de dicipline teacher my parents let me bring 2 scu.. nw my father go & say tis.. >< Then, went 2 claz 2 take report card. Nw agnes turn 2 let Pn. Lim Sheh Ngor rampas phone bt she seems dun care mayb is bcuz her parents dun scold gua. Luckily Ms. Poon didnt tell my daddy bout de ponteng case. In fact, she still praise me say gt improvement tim.. =D

     Went canna eat wif daddy. Saw tat idiot prefect passed by. Gek sei ngo!!! My father still joke wan beat him up tim.. Think everything should b alright. Wat an unlucky day, tot i could take pictures wif my frenz bt... Haiz..


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