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SAT; 31/7



had breakfast/lunch with daddy mummy and clement! i ordered 'char kuey tiao' and it was way too delicious until i can't even finish it! lol..  though it doesn't make any sense.. @@



reached school as i had promised blank to teman him since he told me that he will be bored on that day. well, we were supposed to meet at the reading corner at 10:30am. saw the cute guy a.k.a my brother's friend! he was wandering here and there. wanted to talk to him but i met peiru and yilin and then i lost him after waving bye bye with peiru them. =( so i continued waiting for blank zzz boring



blank finally reached; enjoyed his drawing skill and then we went to say hi to homeng but he was far far away and the main point is, he was at the middle of the field practicing drum and the sun was like FCKKK; so i sat at the sports centre watching some dudes playing bkb, saw peichi's brother too!



miss bell reached! =) was chatting with her bout some random stuffs at the reading corner while waiting for miss peichi when blank, homeng, chengzhi, and terance *i hope i spell his name correctly* and someone i-don't-know-what-is-his-name LOL



peichi came and 3 of us sang songs together for awhile. i knew homeng was peeking out from blank's file staring at peichi's face! hahaha then, we realized that it was time to go so we said bye bye to the others. on the way out, we went back to school wanting to help bell to curl up her hair. So, we rushed back and then bell changed her mind that we would curl her hair for her at SP maybe. and so we walked the the bus stop once again.. grhh bell and peichi wouldn't wait for me as they walked in a super-fast speed



got our feet on the floor of SP! yea ^^ booked Despicable Me before we went shopping at Asian Avenue, saw damn lot of T-shirts and stuffs. omgosh! i wish i had them all but i didn't managed to buy them cause parents did not know that i went to SP and another problem was i am poor! >.< after that, bell and peichi bought Pearl Milk Tea while i got Milo for myself =P ooh, btw, saw david at the cinema lols



yew joined us. omgeee! i like her high heel shoes! wandered around all of us got tired very soon. maejin and sueying popped up in front of us when we were dying at the bench. they were going to the MTV Worldstage! omgawd, i wish i had bought the ticket! once again, i'm poor! T.T went to MCD because peichi was hungryyy! saw jiaen and sarah while queuing up at the counter and saw a OMGLOLWTF lala punk face guy with his punk hairstyle. ewww..



movie starts! ooh, before that. we were like ROFLing over the popcorns! =DD and yew claimed that she watched Despicable Me before and she said that it was way too bored.. anyway, we ignored her and went into the cinema! peichi, bell and me were laughing our as out at the cinema cause it was damn effin funny and absolutely different with what yew complained about before that! Rate: 4/5



got out from the cinema saw desmond with his family LOL.. then we waved bye bye to yew at the front door of SP and it took about 15 minutes! wth you can't even imagine how 'chiong hei' we were that time as if we are not gonna meet yew for the next few years. lmao. soon, it started raining and bell, peichi and me rushed to the bus stop..finally, we got into a bus and here we go: hello traffic jam! luckily it was just for a short distance. btw, the pair of china father and daughter in the bus were cute! i could heard them chatting about Inception! lol! btw, bell belanja-ed us mush mallows which she had just bought at SP. thankyou <3



were somewhere near jalan gasing.. lol.. we nearly missed the station we were supposed to get down! pheww. walked back to the school and i feel like taking the taxi back there cause omg why is the bus stop so far far away from school? blahs for awhile and ooh ohh, i remembered something! bell and yiqian were using the same type of nokia phone and they took each other's phone by mistake.. hahaha



decided to walk to the dominos by ourselves although by that time it was very dark already after giving up convincing the people to go with us. lol, bad songjun, bad dawei, bad yiqian. all bad bad bad! >< i did convinced peichi and bell to stay at the school using lame reasons like: there were ghosts outside! LOL. seriously, i was scared... in the end, i still had to follow them.



@@ i had bread sticks while bell and peichi shared the pizza. and we came out a good idea. we would throw the pack of extremely hot chilli peppers on to the bad guys who try to approach us on the way back. in between, we saw the chs lion dance troupe all waiting at the bus stop to go to sean's house



bell's daddy had came to fetch her home. so me and peichi kind of run back to school from the dominos especially at the lorong there. omg, it was dark and no one there to teman us! you can imagine how scary was that! my heartbeat got back to normal after we reached the school. saw xiaoling but she got to go that time. oh nvm =) then, chaksoon came to chat with us. lol. random stuffs again, mainly about the Mtv Worldstage stuff. ps. i hate smokers! and and i got to take picture with li li <3



daddy reached. i acted that i was asleep in the car to avoid questions from my daddy. pro huh? xD


SUN; 1/8

went Mid Valley with family to watch the 人生喜剧. i rate 0/5! such a brainless movie! it's theme-less!!!!!
 btw, saw mingging and the gang and 2 other girls from catholic high too in the toilet i just have no idea what are their names o.O and weeee~ i bought a new purse! <3 *daddy sponsor 20 bucks!* thanks =) much lovesss


btw, i need suggestions! S4 or P1? headache :(


ps. Tatsuno Baba & Ayata Tatsuno are cute! not forgetting the japanese girls too. all of them are pretty <3


Ayata Tatsuno is shooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee ^^


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