sometimes when i say "oh, i'm fine", i want someone to look in me in the eyes and say "tell the truth"

after 12345 emo-less days, and i thought i can finally live happily ever after, yet today i felt being ignored once again, not by him, someone else. ****, could you please stop giving me the feeling that you are ignoring me? the way you ignored me, even as a normal friend, it hurts. i need you to talk to me like how you used to, so that i won't fall back for him. okay, maybe i don't even worth a place among your friends, but, you could at least stop by and maybe have a short conversation with me when we meet each other in the school. i swear, i have put in efforts, it just wouldn't make any difference, maybe there's just no topic between us. i thought you would be the one who could replace him in my heart, now i doubt that. i don't want to live like last time anymore, i want him to be no more in my heart, all i want is you, don't you realize that? i have never fall for someone so fast that i couldn't even believe, including him, i mean, it usually takes quite long for me to fall in love with someone, you're the first one.



 you may look normal to others, but you are special to me, just like him

 ps. i guess i still him and i know i'm useless


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I wanted you ♥

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