just back from PD and A'famosa ytd!! *main reason is to attend wedding @ PD*

it was fun for PD but A'famosa is just kinda boring..

pictures & videos => http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525394035

btw not all videos are uploaded. LAG!! excuse me. some videos are quite funny though =)

well for those haven add me, add me up!

ooh, about those friend requests. sorry i'm quite busy these days so.. will settle it asap!

&& there was a small renovation and hope you guys like my skin ^^

lastly, i wanna wish those who are taking upsr, pmr, spm or schools exams. GOOD LUCK!

well you can see that it's quite ugly up there, reason: im going to tuition soon gotta do in point form, save time <3 so tata! i miss ya!! =D

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