I feel like blogging after ditching it for bout 2 months! Was considering of changing my blog to a private blog therefore I can write anything I want, just like my diary!

Michael told me that you guys are coming to have lunch with me on the coming Friday, was too excited bout it although I hope it can be a surprise. Praying hardly that It won’t be any disappointment on that day..

Kinda hate this year, days without you guys suck totally! First day of school, I reached dewan kuliah and there are only few students sitting on the bench. On the other side of the dewan kuliah, totally silence! I miss last year, when you guys gathered there every morning. Although it’s not like we are going to talk every morning, but at least, I can hear you guys laughing, that’s fun! Anyway, morning without wenhao is so uncomfortable; I miss him joking every morning.

After perhimpunan, I walked through the prefect bridge without realizing that my class is no longer beside the prefect bridge. I remember the time when we used to gather at the prefect bridge before our teacher come, wenhao and homeng will usually be there to talk to us, sometimes others will come too. And I miss shouting to those in 5p6 last year from the prefect bridge. Blank, zhicheng them will always say hi to us every morning. I also loved the location of 4s4, which I can look down from the lorong outside of my class and 5p6 is exactly below there. I never mention before that this is also one of the reasons I don’t want to change to art stream, I know I can’t get a better view from other classes. Although sometimes I acted bitchy when you guys shouted my name from down there, I’m actually happy that you guys called me to talk during the session of changing period.

Recess, it’s supposed to be the nicest time of the day as we don’t have to stone in class. Peichi and I went to the canteen together. Walked past the table you guys used to gather during recess. However, those form4s replaced you guys on the place in the canteen, and those form4s are like, so quite, totally different from you guys! From now on, peichi and I won’t walk in and out of the boys canteen to buy drinks that often, as you guys are gone, no one to ‘gap’ at. And wenhao is no longer having recess with us, no longer walking back to class with us after recess, what a suck year!

I quickly finished my food and told peichi to walked back to the class with me, I don’t feel like staying any longer at the canteen, cause peichi, peiyein and I were like, sighing every moment in the canteen when we chatted about wenhao. I told peichi that I missed the time we always went to 5p6 after recess; we would chat with you guys outside of 5p6 every time after recess and will usually return class late, peichi told me that she was thinking about that too!

So we went back to our class like, first time so early!! In the class, I paid attention as it was the first day of school, teachers were so annoying, talk talk talk, and I dislike the seat teacher gave me, a lot! After school; back home; took bath; had a nap; done my homework; dinner; tuition; onlined; slept! That is all about my day, lifeless.


Anyway, the second day of school was the best day in the week for peichi and I, and I suppose for yein too! Xiausheng and michael came back to school, i was having maths period when xiausheng walked by my class, I was too excited so I shouted his name, luckily he heard me and said hi. And then, peichi came to tell me that michael’s back too! And she asked me to get a pass out to find them while she’ll go back to her class to ask for permission out too. I begged pn.azizah, she doesn’t let, nearly cried. Luckily her period almost end by that time, and when my bm teacher came, i quickly asked her for pass, she doesn’t let too saying that her pass has been given to other students, so I ignored her. And then, peichi, peiyein and I went to meet them up, we didn’t stay there for a long time, as my friends told me that teacher’s searching for me, hate that! Anyway, I love that day! <3



Yesterday, peichi and I stayed back at school because we thought there are photography club meeting but actually we made a mistake on it. So we ended up nothing to do. Peichi suggested that we could go visit the squash court since it has been a long time we didn’t go there. And when we took our first step into the squash court, the feelings came back. I could imagine blank and xiausheng dancing on the floor, I could imagine the time we spent in this room, especially the day before they graduated, all of us gathered in the room, chatting and dancing. We walked to the last court, and sat there. We chatted about you guys, I could see tears rolling at peichi’s eyes as we were chatting bout that, it makes me feel like crying too, but I acted nothing. I don’t want to let her know what I can notice her tears; I don’t want both of us to end up crying in the squash court. Around 1.30pm, we went back home.

After tuition, I lied on my bed looking at the ceiling. My mind was blank; I can’t help myself thinking about what we talked before that. I listened to my music playlist, and the damn wedding dress popped out! Fml!



Today, I read peiyein’s blog, xiausheng and her are such a sweet couple. And she also wrote about you guys in her older posts, I read almost 50 posts of hers, touching. Now, I xiang tong ler, no point being sad everyday because my friends leave school, I still can see them wad. All I need to do is study hard for spm and appreciate the time I left in this school, im sure I will miss my friends a lot by the time I graduate.



Finally done expressing my feelings on this post, hopefully this will be the last time I feel sad. After all, happy or sad we still have to live our day. So, smile =)

*ignore my grammar mistakes, lazy double check =P*

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