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totally DISLIKE the octopus!



i really wanted germany-flag.gif to win T.T

oh well, i support neither large-spain-flag.gif nor flag_netherlands.gif now. ><

Cause germany-flag.gif lost to large-spain-flag.gif and images.jpeg lost to flag_netherlands.gif!

ohmygod! my darling images.jpeg, i thought you could be the champion!

sob.. sob..

ps. images.jpeg and germany-flag.gif rock forever!!

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because of hair and socks problem; kena Pn.Fong caught twice a day.. WTH..

i thought i was going to stand at the dicipline room for the whole day since she called me to.. *1st time, after perhimpunan stand till recess; 2nd time, after recess stand till school ends*

was thinking: " shit?! then what for i bring my books to school today?!!!"

damn unlucky one lorh me.. _2 bucks gone for buying pin_

luckily i used a smartsmartandsmart reason and she let me back to class after dropping down my name =DD

but unfortunately, my kelakuan = C.. T.T



additions: u don't have to see if you are not interested.. nahh.. don't say i didn't remind u arh..

*joyce said that i'm the only one who always get caught of hair problem.. lol? don't believe -_-

*en.tham was sooooooo funny! xDD; en.lean as well; but fierce too =)

*saw many "familiar faces" and dk whr to hide my face! =(

*fong spotchecks my bag and said: "can't believe you're from S class. U brought nothing to school!" -luckily i gave all my barang larangan to peichi before that-

*i peek at the "diciplince cases record book" and saw my name highlighted! @@ lol?

*the LLL wrote me ponteng!!! @.@


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joyce ahh joyce..

y always also catch me?


catch still ok.. but y wan cut for me??

T.T i miss my hair..

btw, thx 4 ur 'new year present' zzz

*luckily u still gt a bit kind hearted =) let me cut my hair myself at last..*


*funny part.. joyce told me not to pin my fringe up although it overlaps my eye brown because she thinks that i do look better with my fringe down.. LMAO*

joyce: cut dy? not enough.. still too long.. see.. it overlaps ur eye brown.

me    : sry pn.joyce.. *pins my fringe up*. is it okay now?

joyce: erm.. not nice.. put it down and let my have a look.

me    : *pull the pin out* now leh?

joyce: u look much better..

me    : eherm.. so can i go back to my class now?

joyce: yes u may. don't lepak here and thr arh.. go straight away back to ur class.

appearantly, i don't have to cut my fringe shorter neither pin them up.. haha

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ok.. listen to my story if u wan..

bout 12 smtg.. was walking 2 the staff room to pass the 'pass' to pn.janaki.. den.. saw peiyein.. me & peichi go throw paper scraps on her head.. haha.. was playing oni.. den.. a dk wat name s*hai teacher passed by and called us to sweep the floor.. den another 'lou gu po' came.. and scold scold scold.. den.. teh passed by.. lol she told me from now on cannot bring my bag to school cuz it's too fancy.. lol! wan change u gimme money buy  la.. zzz at last.. we cleaned the place.. and.. wtf the 'lou gu po' called us to go to the dicipline room! gg.com liao lo..

walau A.. juz walk in dicipline room den de joyce go say: "Carmen, u again? damn famous lo.. get caught so many times!" i was like, wth.. u caught me few times oni lo.. zzz damn it.. the 'lou gu po' & lean kept add salt add vinegar.. make me get joyce caught hair, socks, shoelaces, barang larangan.. haiyo.. joyce go check my bag.. saw i bought baju.. zzz den i mai say ltr go Sunway lo.. den she go rampas.. wth she go suspect me bring handphone jor.. say wat:" i dont believe u go Sunway didnt bring handphone lo". peichi help me say:"her handphone also let u rampas liao.zzz" joyce:" she sure got another handphone 1!" den go cari cari cari.. at last.. my mirror, sweets + lighter kena rampas.. damn funny weih.. joyce tot my lighter was chewing gum.. phew.. luckily~

not oni tat.. socks also another prob.. me & peichi 2gether kena caught socks.. lol.. joyce call us 2 throw away our own socks den nid buy chs socks.. zzz 8 bucks leh.. T.T & my hair! let de 'lou gu po' cakap banyak banyak.. den mai kena caught lo.. luckily oni tie again didnt cut my hair.. or not i cry sei lo.. peichi damn skad tat tym.. her hair gt a small part is red de leh.. haha.. luckily joyce didnt see dao..& lol.. her phone is inside her pocket.. damn lucky her.. joyce oni check my pocket no check hers de.. xp

after tat.. went reading corner find my bro.. lol.. my phone was with him.. lucky lucky <3 or not 3rd time liao.. zzz den.. went hall.. wth.. still got 15 mins for us 2 sign up for de gerko activities.. zzz after tat.. went bac dicipline room again.. zzz take bac our bags + baju.. zzz i nid 2 wash de sink in front of the dicipline room 1.. zzz well.. nahh.. i very fast den gao dim jor.. haha.. simply wash.. nyehh.. go waste the detergen.. pour damn much hahaha.. peichi more charm.. mon nid kerja amal pluck grass.. *cuz she 2nd time kena joyce caught socks jor*

den i went bac to the dicipline room while peichi wait me outside.. joyce said: "How come u wash so fast 1?" me:" i got go clean all the leaves jor.. don't trust go see lo." joyce: " i say clean leaves oni? still nid wash the sink until blink blink".. zzz.. lol.. finally she let me out cuz i say my bus aunty waiting me jor.. deng! b4 i go she still wan say:"u cannot change ur shirt in the school arh! muz change outside!" >< blahs.. after tat.. went Sunway Pyramid with Agnes, Peichi, Xinhua, Sueying, Dawei, Juele.. blahs.. lazy say.. go check out my facebook's pictures ba..

haha.. this is the 4th time me & peichi kena catch 2gether! <3

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  • Jan 13 Wed 2010 22:12
  • ><

grhh.. feel like killing people..

i hate the feeling now.. T.T

bytheway, 4S4 sucks..

maybe i'll consider or changing back to art stream.. just maybe..

- te quiero -

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nahh.. 1st day of school.. i hate it!

~reached scu bout 6.45.. found chin yee.. den she teman me go find wen li & kang yao.. lols.. found wen li den blahs.. unfortunately.. went reading corner for 3 times le.. still cant find tat idiot kang yao.. geram!

~blahs.. everyone went into de hall.. lol.. de principle crapped for awhile.. den en.tham's turn.. zzz so bored.. i hate my class!

~after tat.. yew yew helped me check my class's location.. lol.. but i also cant find my class.. T.T asked so many ppl.. finally.. reached my class.. & i was like: OMGWTFLOL! my class is located at de science lab beside prefect's room???!!! wtf man.. so dirty.. & so bored la.. no frens at all.. zzz

~recess.. lol.. me <3.. cuz can see my frens.. lol.. *they all go study science stream*!!! haiz.. no 1 teman me.. Agnes them all go P1 & P2.. left me alone at P3.. UNFAIR!!! ><

~after recess.. bac 2 class.. boring.. ponteng-ed few times to call mummy & find peichi them.. lol.. damn far leh.. nahh.. saw victoria & so on.. bac 2 class.. packed things.. lol.. the books are sooooooooooo heavy! @@

~after scu.. waited for pc for so long.. zzz den go 2 put our bags at de canteen.. after tat, went to take form!!! reached thr.. got heart attack.. LOL>> so many ppl wanna take appeal form! haiz.. i no hope liao lo.. blahs.. den me & pc walked 2 kanna.. waited for our parents masing-masing.. lols.. tata


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  • Nov 24 Tue 2009 20:36
  • WTF


RIGHT NOW 20:41; 241109 AND I AM SAYING:





 I will never type any bad words on my blog because of my brother as a spy..

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STUPID GARDENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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ps. tis post is only for the soh*i who i hate so much in 3B1, u noe who u are.

```those who dun1 see my rude look, kindly skip this post. ```

I wanna scold u so long liao..








Damn you

Diao lan


Noe wat? i am not affraid of u.. Noob ass! Fat & short & dark like an indian shit! Got time go look at the mirror, look how noob & sohai u are.. Blame urself born with such an ugly appearance & retarded brain! U are so retarded & like to show of ur marks, wanna act smart. So damn fan, stalker! You got brain anot de? IQ & EQ like a new born baby. My advice e is go jump down from the building & make sure u die, living here is just wasting oxygen in this world. Make me damn dulan. Becareful kena whack by someone soon!

Cry la, cry in front of your mother, no one will give a damn!

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Gosh.. nearly gg. Just bought a new phone & kena rampas!!

     2day morning while me & pei chi playing each other's phone at dewan kuliah, a form 4 prefet walked by, we quickily hide our phones. Unfortunately, he saw our phone.. wtf! Argue 4 so damn long at dewan kuliah thr.. Chin yee, shu li, xiao yin them also helped us argue wif de prefect, bt tat ****** prefect so damn stupid dun giv us a chance, he wan us 2 go 2 de dicipline room.. I think ok 2 follow him go la, bt pei chi dun1 2 go cuz she skad her mum scold..  Die...

     Den at last he made us go 2 de dicipline room.  We pulled up our scoks, pin our hair lyk noob girl.. swt. While walking thr, i saw many frenz bt no chance hand in them our phones cuz de 'damn it' kept watching at us. Finally reach de dicipline room. Get scoled.. Saw a form 4 guy also get scolded by Teh cuz blue card too long, he looks lyk a fren of mine. Pei chi's hair kena Joyce scold too. Pheww.. luckily i pin up my hair & nth happen 2 her. After tat we went 2 call our parents..

              Mummy : hello.

                     me : Mummy, my phone kena rampas.

              Mummy : serve u rite la.

                     me : bt teacher say can take bac 2day. * i dun dare say a 'dicipline'

                          word *

              Mummy : which teacher?

                     me : err.. i dk call wat name -_-

              Mummy : ok la, when u nid 2 take? Call daddy take, im goin 2 ur scu


                     me : ltr, call daddy ltr go my claz..

              Mummy : okay. See i told u do not bring phone 2 scu.. bla bla bla...

                     me : okok, goin 2 out of $ jor.. bb

              Mummy : see, nw u wan us 2 take de phone 4 u. bla bla bla..


     Finally, i'm save from kena scolded. =D When we went bac 2 de dicipline room get pass, saw Teh still scolding tat guy.. walau, damn chiong hei la her. Den we went bac 2 our claz.. told my clazmates bout de phonet thingy. Very gek! cant take pictures wif new clazmates. Still nid copy so many notes! When pjk, went 2 3B2, kept looking outside c whether my father had came. De Dhanam go cakap banyak banyak. Damn fan.. Recess time, we walked around de scu, bt no mood eat jor.. 

     Lols. Finally. After tat, my father came, unfortunately, cant w8 4 pei chi's parents 2 go 2 dicipline room 2gether cuz they haven reach scu. Waited outside de dicipline room cuz cant find de dicipline teacher. Saw jia yong, i dk y he's here holing some papers, bt he told me he too many dicipline case so nid 2 jumpa ibu bapa wor.. Bluff me la.. At last went in 2 c de dicipline teacher.

                    me : so whr is my phone?

            Dicipline : wait! Please sign ur name here.

               Daddy : ok, so can we go nw?

            Dicipline : let me go take her phone 1st. if nex tym she kena rampas

                          again, we will keep it for half year

               Daddy : ok, i told her nt 2 bring bt she dun listen 2 me..

            Dicipline : Oh, ya meh?

                    me : ...

      I die lor.. Bcuz juz nw i told de dicipline teacher my parents let me bring 2 scu.. nw my father go & say tis.. >< Then, went 2 claz 2 take report card. Nw agnes turn 2 let Pn. Lim Sheh Ngor rampas phone bt she seems dun care mayb is bcuz her parents dun scold gua. Luckily Ms. Poon didnt tell my daddy bout de ponteng case. In fact, she still praise me say gt improvement tim.. =D

     Went canna eat wif daddy. Saw tat idiot prefect passed by. Gek sei ngo!!! My father still joke wan beat him up tim.. Think everything should b alright. Wat an unlucky day, tot i could take pictures wif my frenz bt... Haiz..


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i'm gonna burst now!!!!!!!!

wtf! i kindly advice u, u go scold like hell!

damn it! i can make u die if i wan 2

i juz nid 2 blog on wat u've said juz nw

den u straight away gg.com!!

u dun1 listen 2 me ur business!

 i'm not goin 2 advice u anymore!!

u say none of my business mah,

okay, fine! ><

u kena catch dun pull me down!

i wanna watch harry potter!!!!!!!!!

who wanna watch wif me?? o.0

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Picture 055.jpg

Sometimes i hate myself so much!!


Everything just changed suddenly..

And i just know that there's no such word 'promise' in this world!!

That's not what i want!!


I am very tired..

Liar; would you please fuck off?!!!

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it's so UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn MOODLESS now..

bcuz of smt so damn fcuking s*hai..




ps. i dun1 2 use bad words on my blog so i put *..

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wtf, i had de worst hair cut in my whole life..

a new saloon at my condo thr.. so i mai go & try lo.. saw de hair dresser also quite leng zai la.. bt damn stupid de lo him.. go simply help me cut my hair.. here are wat he do 2 my innocent hair..

1. bcuz i was in a rush.. so i oni wanted 2 cut my hair bt nt wash.. he paksa me go wash my hair so tat he could get more $.. !!!

2. i called him dun touch my frinch bt he go & cut till so short.. he say nice wor.. arghhhhhh...

3. i called him oni layer my hair bt maintain de length bt he say short nicer.. den cut off 2 inches of my hair.. damn it!!

4. actually i was goin 2 go away le.. bt he go & curl up my hair.. watdefcuk!!!!! make me look lyk an aunty!! i told him i dun 1.. den he say:" nvm, u can wash ur hair & it will b normal.. it wont spoil my hair.." wa, burn my hair still say wont spoil!!!!!!!!

5. i aledi damn angry tat tym liao de.. den still nid 2 pay RM45 4 tis ugly hair style which he cut.. make me wanted 2 slap him on his face.. luckily didnt.. i saw de menu *RM28 4 hair washing + cut, bt he go count me dno wat thing de so RM45..

 6. den my mum say dun1 help me pay liao cuz 2 exepensive 4 oni cut a bit & so ugly.. she oni help me pay half.. ( i pokai liao la, tis month mou din din lost liao RM50++ )

1st thing i do when went bac home is wash mt hair.. useless de.. nw my hair aledi abit curly liao.. thinking of straighten my hair bt my mum call me use my own $.. shit la.. RM120++ leh..

dam besong nw... i hate de hair dresser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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u betrayed me!!!


blek! xxpp

haiz.. suan le..


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  • Feb 25 Wed 2009 16:37
  • Wed

2day pjpk damn dulan de teacher.. waste our tym go scold scold scold.. every1 wan play badminton she go call us play volleyball & other crap games.. eh, can u pls STFU !!??

recess, xiao yin suddenly say 1 play chin yee.. coz she say chin yee dunno when play her fren, nw 1 报仇 xD.. Den xiao yin, pei chi, shu li + mieeeee *keke, join them bcuz 无聊.. haha.. they go act lyk very angry chin yee.. den suddenly chin yee go scold me.. i beh song liao.. mai gap mai them play chin yee lor.. i say they very angry liao la.. den chin yee lyk very 无辜 lidat, go ask me she do wrong wat, cuz she really blur liao.. actually wan tell her de.. bt she suddenly shout damn loud.. fui liao mai change my mind lo

went bac claz.. chin yee's water turn 2 white colour *nt transperent de.. xiao yin dun admit is she do de.. she say dunno hu do de.. wakaka.. (actually is xiao yin do de.. she put salt, sugar and all those... inside her water bottle) chin yee macam angry liao.. SO WAT? I MORE ANGRY LA, EVERYDAY GO SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT, TELL HER LIAO STILL DUN1 CHANGE, WAN ME DIE MERH?

dunno they 1 play until when, xiao yin call me dun tell chin yee 1st.. ha xP.. luckily chin yee doesn't hav com.. or nt i die lor =P..



sc again, de teacher.. haiz.. lazy type.. 


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